Top 10 Things to Look Forward to for Homecoming 2014

Updated: October 15, 2014

ITHACA, NY- With Homecoming just a few days away, and countless alumni of all ages making their way back to the Hill, there are a lot of exciting things happening this weekend. Here is our list of the top 10 things that you can look forward to:


10. Red Everywhere!

In the days leading to Homecoming, the campus is literally painted red. Red banners hang everywhere, and red shirts and other paraphernalia are given out during the week on the day of the game. With the sheer amount of red around, it’s hard not feel a strong sense of school sprit.




9. Glee Club Concert

 At 8:00 pm on Saturday in Bailey Hall, join Cornell’s famous Glee Club as they perform their annual Homecoming concert. The concert will feature “the theme of time.”




8. Hearing about “Those Good Old Days on the Hill” 

Anyone with an appreciation for history will be looking forward to meeting and talking with alumni from all eras. Whether it’s in Collegetown talking with younger alums about which bars they used to go to, or with much more older alums talking about when Cornell used to be a national football powerhouse, this weekend you will have the chance to talk to the people who helped mold Cornell into the school it is today.




7. Pregame Fan Festival

At noon on Saturday there will fan festival in the Crescent and Lynah Lots next to Schoellkopf Field. At this event there will be fun events for people of all ages, including live music, a Ferris wheel, balloon making, great food and much more. A great place to bring your kids or hang out with your friends before the big game.


6. Red/White Hockey Game

This Saturday marks the official start of hockey season at Cornell, as the men’s and women’s hockey teams kick off the year with their annual Red/White game Saturday night at 7:30 pm at Lynah Rink. Both teams split into a “red” and “white” teams to play an intrasquad scrimmage, giving the public their first look at both the teams for the upcoming season. Not only that, but the Big Red Pep Band also splits up, with the freshmen, sophomores and juniors combine to cheer on the red team, while the seniors, graduate students and alumni combine to cheer on the white team.


5. Fireworks and Laser Light Show 

The Third Annual Homecoming Fireworks and Laser Light show will be taking place this Friday at Schoellkopf Field. Attendees will be treated to seeing the beautiful Ithaca sky light up with fireworks and 3D laser lights, as well as performances from some of Cornell’s top musical and dance groups.


4. The Halftime Show Featuring Big Red Marching Band Alumni

But before the pep band can greet the hockey teams for the first time this season, the Big Red Marching Band will perform their usual halftime show. However, as per tradition, for the final song and the alma mater, the band will be joined on the field by upwards of over 100 alumni to prove that their musical skills haven’t deteriorated with age. Also stick around for their post-game concert, as they will be conducted by returning drum majors, followed by their traditional postgame Cornell songs.


 3. Tailgating 

This longtime college football tradition is a staple at every Homecoming, as students, alumni and locals gather in the Crescent Lot hours before the game to grill, eat and fraternize. While cooking and eating from the trunk of your car is the traditional way of tailgating, many organizations set up tents and nice tables for their alums. But regardless of affiliation, the smell alone is a reason to come to the pregame tailgating festivities.


 2. Grace Potter and Icona Pop Concert

After the game, pop stars Grace Potter and Icona Pop will be co-headlining this year’s homecoming concert in Barton Hall. Usually the most popular music event of the year behind Slope Day, the Homecoming Concert is for many students, particularly those who aren’t sports fans, the best part of Homecoming weekend.



 1. The Game

And of course all the events this weekend revolve around the main attraction: the Homecoming football game. This year’s game features our Cornell Big Red taking on the Lehigh Mountain Hawks, and will kick off at 3:00 pm. You don’t want to miss the biggest football game of the year, so come down to Schoellkopf and cheer on Coach David Archer’s squad with thousands of students and alumni of all ages!


Credit: Slope Media


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